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Beautifully written, enticing postapocalyptic text based

Mindfighter is truly a remarkable piece of writing. Forget about the interactions, the puzzles, the game, in here, for a second and let's just focus on the actual prose of the game. Now, while it does pertain to the style of writing that was common in adventure game land in the late 80s, it nevertheless exceeds it on so many levels. Thus, the most important mark is past by this one: the writing is great. Then, for me at least, the actual matter at hand, the setting of the game is a postapocalyptic one, Sci Fi like but more interested in psychological exploration, a feat rarely to be found in such games. Naturally, Mindfighter will absolutely interest those that love reading, but it also has enough material for text based adventurers that are in for the choices that are to be made there, and for the baser interactions, the puzzles and the other portions that are more game like. But, I tell you, while you should definitely download Fallout, just as well there is a lot to be gained from playing Mindfighter. It is one helluva adventure game and a classic piece of (game) writing.

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