Sea Battle

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A variation of Sea Battle; interesting enough; the AI cheats!

The Battle on the Black Sea, as this game is known as is a variation of the classic Sea Battle, a sort of strategy/wargame, that is set on the sea. This game, specifically tries to pin down the conflict as being a reconstitution of the battle that took place between Russia and Ukraine, but ultimately, when it comes down to actual gameplay, it is pretty much nondescript, in terms of who the marine powers are. Sure, it sort of has a feel of WWI maritime combat, but that is not too deeply explored. So, what you end up with is a pretty playable, sort of vanilla small scale strategy game at sea. Which is alright, for the most part, as this particular game plays nicely. The game's only win state is decided by the general that manages to sink the entire fleet of ships of the opponent, so the first one to do that is the winner. Sort of nasty is the fact that the AI kind of cheats... once it hits a cell where you have a ship, it manages to hit the entire of your ship, sinking it. So, rather play against other human players, or just play the classic game – Sea Battle!

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