Reach for the Skies

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Flight World Wars Military flight

WWII Battle of Britain themed flight sim

All is well in the world of this flight sim. For its 93 limitations, well, it kind of makes up for those with sheer diversity and well implemented controls. Surely, a joypad, joystick or some other way of gradual control (not keyboard and mouse though!) for the movement is well in need of being used in this one, but other than that, this game packs a mighty old game punch. Expect all the range of missions you can think of, from low altitude bombing to flying erratically to escape the enemy fire, to complicated U turns and so on in mid air to escape being reared in a dog fight. Yap, you can play this game as an action oriented flight sim, or you can get more from it if you are a WWI couch historian and like to see missions of the era being reenacted. But, whatever your take on it, Reach for the Skies will deliver a good amount of diverse gameplay, which is all you can ask of such a game at the end of the day. Surely, it could have gotten a bit more polish here and there, graphically, for sure, but then again, if you consider replaying such an old flight sim HD graphics are not your make or break. So, yeah, WWI's Britain sky awaits if you'll have it. Alternatively, see Aces over Europe for a more diverse game, in terms of historical missions.

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