Evasive Action

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Software Toolworks Flight Military flight

As advanced a flight game as you could expect in 93!

You'll wonder how the developers managed to put as much graphics pow in this game, given that it is a 93 game and in spite of that it still can say it is a simulator. And a simulator that pays respect to the physics of aerodynamics, pays respect to the physics of projectile and pays respect to ease of playing. I love it for the absolutely fun dog fights, for the environments that are drawn in detail as far as you can see, and for the planes, mostly WWI era models that are just fun to pilot, with or without a special controller or a joystick. The game allows you to see the action from a third person perspective or from the cockpit, and both hypostases look just as alright, and also, the sound effects are pretty impressive. I don't know if this was a limitation of the engine or a gameplay choice, but your objectives on the map are clearly visible in red, which makes it easy to navigate and thus keeps you from becoming disoriented. But most of all, Evasive Action just gets all the elements right and it shows that even an old fly sim can be fun today, which it surely is, without a doubt. It is as sweet as Dog Fight 80 years of aerial warfare, though not as posed on reenacting historical battles as that one was.

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