Campaign 2

Simulation 1993 Dos Empire Interactive War Historical

Very early 3D simulation/strategy; the graphics are minimalist

It's a weird thing to think that by the mid 90s there were games produced in 3D that simply looked like they were cutting edge 3D from the mid 80s. So, my take on the graphics is that the developers were aiming towards some retro feel for their games, as, otherwise, the lack of polish in the graphics, or otherwise, said, the graphics minimalism, would feel out of place. Nevertheless, what you will be doing in this game will be to act as an army general, in the conflict zones of Vietnam, The Gulf War and the Gulf War. It's almost poetic how the games look, the kind of look you'd expect from some obscure fan production, that was paying a tribute to some oldie title, not in a game that is quite mainstream, gameplay wise. But, the fact that Campaign 2 is mainstream should not deter you from playing. Nope, within its territory, I'd say this is a pretty well crafted game, a well rounded strategy with a good idea and just as good an execution. The game puts you in charge of many tanks and of amy other develop your empire controls and settings, but the war portion is definitely the one that is most attractive. A good alternative download would be War in the Gulf which also comes forth with a less common presentation and colorful graphics a bit mismatched with the gameplay.

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