Kunio-kun No Nekketsu Soccer League

Sport 1993 Nintendo Technos Japan Soccer Humorous

The Japanese Sensible Soccer!

Kunio-kun No Nekketsu Soccer League is an action soccer game, that looks like a cartoonish version of that classic Sensible Soccer, which makes it easily playable, cool overall, but not a too deep experience gameplay wise. However, what you will find more disturbing is the fact that the game is just not that polished graphically. You'll find the animations a bit on the lower side, which can be a bit of a letdown. However, all in all, after you sink in with it, you'll find that Kunio-kun No Nekketsu Soccer League plays nice enough. Also, the game offers you a few different teams, but in terms of gameplay style this won't alter the game too much. Graphically, it's just that the field is a bit too lacking in details, something that lacks as well from the animations of the players, as well as from their overall look. But it's more a style choice than a let down from the part of the game. So, give it a try, you might actually like its minimalism and its fun simple production value. It's definitely worth looking into for oldie soccer action game lovers!

One of the best fun football games

It is an exciting and unique combination of football and street fight which also has the element of humor and fun to it. It's about a Japanese team of school boys whose target is to win a tournament and prove that they are the best. It is no way a management simulation or a realistic football simulation because it is meant to be neither of them. It is a sheer fun football game which has been characterized by humorous football where you have the ability to knock down and punch other players during the match. But this does not mean that the gameplay is not supported towards playing some exciting football. The gameplay depth, the exciting moves, the boasts and the wackiness in this game makes it far more superior than many in this genre but the only feature it lacks is lack of selection of teams. The controls have been made very easy for learning but still they are not that easy to get a complete grip on. You also have the option of super shots and weather control which brings more excitement and diversity. The most exciting and entertaining feature about this game is that the gameplay is very furious fast, humorous and entertaining. So go for it.

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