Command & Conquer Gold

Strategy 1997 Windows Dosbox Virgin Interactive 4X Real time Alternate History

To be an RTS fan back in the way, you had to play it

This version of the seminal Command & Conquer game is almost the same as the original, but it does have a few perks up its sleeve. On one hand, it has a load of bugfixes, and some would argue that the game plays faster and smoother, but I was unable to really see that. (I mostly play my C and C in DosBox, and I think that kind of takes the edge of minimalist differences, as I generally tend to crank up the box just a notch, so that my games won't lag!). At any rate, if you don't know what Command & Conquer is, let me tell you that it is one of the best put together RTSes of the golden era. It has a simple build the base, then go to war formula, but it's really well done, in a way on par with StarCraft and with some other games. Sure, Red Alert took the cake later on, establishing itself as the game to go, due to its fast skirmishes and flawless connectivity, (LAN style!) which sort of kept it going for loads of time after it was released. But this game here, Command & Conquer Gold sure merits a revisit, if not for the multiplayer bits, at least for the solo campaign, which is without a doubt a great one.

Gold edition of the epic RTS

Playing Command & Conquer 1 is something every strategy fan should do in his live at least once. Westwood Studios really made a great job on the series. Either it is a Red Alert episode or C&C game, you have to try out. The gameplay for this gold edition is familiar like in the newer installments, but with some drawbacks, like being restricted to queue only one unit for training. It might not be so bad for its time, but it is a drawback for today, especially if you familiar with the later installments. The game also offers a good introduction to the GDI-NOD war.

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