Conflict: Middle East

Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox SSI Strategic scope

Kippur and Arab Israel War wargame; standard production

Conflict: Middle East doesn't really stand out in any particular way, other than being a classic, standard wargame, hex based, with a historic backbone that allows you to relive the Kippur and the Israeli, Arabian war. It plays classically; you take turns against the AI, moving your units, maybe fiddling with the lite economic portion of the game, and then attacking when you feel the moment shows opportunity. Graphically the game is as simple as the gameplay idea; the entire map is partitioned in small hexagons, and the icons that you move on top of the map represent all the units and the transit areas or the areas that have elevations. It's a serious game, as a skirmish can last for hours, if not more, and thinking strategically, taking advantage of the enemy's errors, when they appear will give you a chance to take him by surprise. So, if a serious wargame is what you are looking for, Conflict: Middle East is it; else, download Kings Table - The Legend of Ragnarok; this one is a fantasy tinged tabletop wargame and pretty interesting, with a more playful vibe than Conflict: Middle East.

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