Unreal Tournament 2004 ECE

Action 2004 Windows Epic MegaGames Futuristic Shooter Fpp Sci fi

A fun and addictive shooter

Unreal Tournament 2004 is a first person shooter, and also a sequel to Unreal Tournament 2003. Its developer, Epic Games, is an award-winning videogame company best known for the Unreal series. Well, I agree that the "epic" games deserved the won prizes, because the technology used in their production reached high audiences and it still does. UT2004 comes with improved graphics and with a more dynamic action, which offers the adrenaline you need. You have the chance to control and to use various vehicles such as air-based, land or space ones. The whole game is a crazy and furious competition, based on survival while killing enemies. Also, the multiplayer mode gives you an intense shooting experience you wouldn't want to miss. The battles take place on open-air maps. The fantastic and new weaponry makes the shooting challenging and very entertaining, because of their immense potential: grenade, rocket or spider launchers, laser guns, shield guns with plasma, assault and shock rifles, etc. The graphics are realistic, the effects are stunning and you can change the options whatever you want in order to make your job easier. In the battles, you are able to communicate with your team. Try this fun game but watch out as it will surely become addictive!

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