Cosmic Crusader

Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox Funtastic Vertical shooter

Space Invaders for the IBM compatible

Cosmic Crusader is not about universal conquest or exploration, instead, it is about keeping the baddie aliens to land on the much saintly human soil! Or, whatever, you can think it however you want to think about it! It's you, a left to right cannon shooter and the baddies coming from above. They move, you can move, they sometimes shoot, but you can shoot more! Compared to the original Space Invaders it's pretty similar, even in the way the waves of invaders come, with not too many instances of running away from the vanilla recipe. Therefore, all you need is contained in the black void of space and the sturdy platform that is what you have to keep safe from aliens! Color and amount of pixels wise it's very early days, CGA, but it was made to run on the very early Intel processors, so that was all that could be expected from it. Plays well in DosBox, and is retro cool as you can expect any arcade conversion of the early days to be.Plus, it seems to run smoother than expected under the DosBox environment, which merits applauds!

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