Fleet Sweep

Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Mirror Images Software Vertical shooter

Vertical space shooter; pretty decent

Fleet Sweep is a mostly decent space shooter, produced and delivered in the early 80s; thus, even if it won't blow your mind graphically, you will at least be able to appreciate the level of detail that was poured into it, given its age. The recipe is simple; you control a space ship, which can get a whole load of upgrades. The idea is that you will continue to ascend, in space, and you will attacked by waves of aliens. You have to shoot, dodge, try to pick the upgrades without shooting them, and when the moment comes, find the weakness of the bosses, exploit it and win the round. Then it's pretty much rinse and repeat, however, with each new installment, with each new level, the game difficulty increases substantially, mostly by means of faster and more gun crazy individuals. So, as you can imagine, the recipe, as it is delivered, with simple graphics is nothing spectacular, but it is well produced, which is more than enough for such an old game. Sure, R Type would go on and create a jewel of this type of encounter, but nonetheless Fleet Sweep is a thoroughly decent game as well.

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