Arcade 1985 Dos Dosbox Derek Williams Vertical shooter

Chopper sidescroller; graphically minimalist but fun

Striker is a very competent sidescroller shooter/action mix, where you control a small chopper, in mid air, trying to stay away from the many perils that each level brings forth. One such peril comes in the form of the landscape itself, you need to stay away from the ground or from any other elements that might cross your path. The idea is that it takes a while to make yourself comfortable with the game, trying to properly navigate it, and also shoot your enemies. It's however a simple, addictive game, and even if it looks very old, it still plays like a champ. It's got leader boards, so if you get into it seriously enough, you will find that Striker really is a serious game. It takes a lot of time to learn to perfection, and to master each level. So, for a an oldie competitive game, Striker sure is a cool one. Similarly, but more detailed graphically, you should download Xenon, a top down forward scrolling game, but nonetheless just as fun as Striker from many points of view and with a similar gameplay recipe.

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