Lost Eden

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Cryo Interactive Myth and legend First Person Adventure Point and click Rpg Strategy Sci fi

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The humans vs. the evolved dinosaurs!

Lost Eden is an adventure game that pits evolved dinosaurs against a humanoid race, against each other, fighting for supremacy and for resources on a faraway planet. It's a cool game, adventure in style, very well polished graphically, also fully featured in terms of puzzles, of which it has a whole load, and each puzzle has a unique, great looking, and really interesting outlook. The great thing about this one is the fact that it kind of shares that Myst alien world, with its own rules and its culture, but at the core of it, human relatable stories are told. The game has a couple protagonist, Adam and Mo, a sort of Adam and Eve duo, that will have to work together to solve the puzzles. The graphics are amazing; some of the drawings and animations are digital like, while some others are just drawings, with no third dimension; this style is really beautiful and it creates a fairy tale like atmosphere, which, fans of alternate fantasy will definitely fall in love with. Plus, Lost Eden is a great puzzler collection, and for that it sure known how to keep itself interesting and well playable. So, overall, Lost Eden is worth it, for the dinosaurs, the story the puzzles and the unbelievably beautiful art direction!

Back when dinosaurs existed...

Lost Eden is an adventure videogame released in 1995 and published by Virgin Interactive (popular for its "purely" innovative games) and developed by Cryo Interactive, same collaboration as Cryo's first game produced, Extase. Lost Eden is a very simple game, especially for adventure gamers with a long-term experience in the field. Also, if you are above the age of 12, you will definitely get bored by the lack of challenges. Beside this, the soundtrack is very good, as the voice acting. Unlike other games at that time, that consisted in alien battles, fights, and other stuff like that, Lost Eden brings a prehistoric story and an exotic world where dinosaurs exist. Your character is Adam of Mo, who has to find out the way of uniting the humans and the dinosaurs, in order to restore peace. This secret belonged to the Architect, Adam's great-grandfather who built great Citadels. The lack of action wasn't convenient of me, in fact, the whole game is a traveling with the purpose of collecting items and using them. As I said above, the good music is the only thing that keeps you close to the game and plot. If you like challenging missions and puzzles you can try other adventures better.

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