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Fast and furious blasting action

For some straightforward but undeniably thrilling blasting action, in a fashion akin to Soldat or Abuse, there is no denying that Crimsonland delivers the goods. It's simple enough on the surface but immensely enjoyable and while the visuals are pretty basic, it's got what it needs where it counts and deserves to be checked out by any old-school shooting fan. The premise is a simple as they come and requires players to defend themselves against waves of incoming hordes of aliens, with several different modes available to keep player interest. Quest sees you playing through several missions, unlocking weapons that can be used in other modes, while Rush is an intense challenge that tests how long you can survive but which doesn't allow the use of any perks. Survival is a bit easier, allowing perks and playing for points instead of time but the most bizarre one is Type-O Shooter, where you must spell out words to take down the incoming aliens. This one offers some slightly slower paced action but is just as compelling thanks to its sheer strangeness. There is a neat range of perks and weapons on offer here, which are gained after achieving a certain number of kills and which help make the ever increasing difficulty somewhat less of a challenge but without ever unbalancing things. While the visuals aren't initially overly appealing, it soon becomes apparent that the animation and effects are actually pretty slick and add much to the game's interest. However, it's the gameplay which is the star here and the fast and furious battles you will find yourself engaged in are simply enthralling in their intensity and hearken back to the glory days of the arcades. If you love the likes of Robotron, Space Invaders and the like, you owe it ton yourself to check this out.

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