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Really archaic shooting gallery type game

Archaic and simplistic as it might be, Crossbow is still a fairly interesting game to play. Granted, it doesn't really do much in order to warm you towards installing it, but once you have it booted up, it will surely put a smile on your face. That is because Crossbow is a really kitsch infused game: it wants to tell the story of William Tell (Robin Hood, anyone?) but instead of depicting some medieval landscapes, castles and whatnot, it takes the action in a sort of suburban America, where it put you in charge of mindless shooting. SO, how does the game play? Well, it's a simple game of Duck Hunt like levels in which you have to crossbow the bad guys and try not to do any collateral damage. The game will take you through a couple of different screens where the speed of the static enemies appearing and disappearing will gradually increase, as is the case with arcade parlor shooter games. So, until the very end or until boredom sets in, Crossbow can be a very intense (alright, not THAT intense!) game, and also a game to laugh with or at. Give it a try though, it can be quite energizing for a few minutes now and then!

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