Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Imagitec Design Myth and legend Adventure

An action sidescroller set in Viking times!

Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child is a nice, if a little too cartoonish sidescroller adventure, hack and slasher and occasional puzzler, set in vibrant colors, 8bit era beeper music, and with a child Viking protagonist. It's maybe for children or for those that haven't yet developed carpal tunnel syndrome from playing too much action button mashers, but, for all intents and purposes, it does pick up in terms of intensity after a good while. So, no matter what, Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child is a good, well done, interesting game, the kind that really is lovely, polished, but not that interesting for someone that has seen more mature titles around. It's got a mish mash of story bits, featuring the Viking Gods, it brings about a different astral plane that needs to be reached, so you can rescue your beloved family, but that storyline does little to taint the gameplay with too mature themes. But, nevertheless, Prophecy 1 - The Viking Child is an okay game, playable and well done, just, remember, a little on the cartoonish side. For a more difficult game with Vikings, download The Lost Vikings.

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