McDonald Land

Arcade 1992 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Platformer Humorous

Cheap McDonalds take on Super Mario

That cheap plastic feel of budget games that are heartless and will come and bite you hard from the very first moment you boot this game up. Yet, for what it's worth, this is not a bad game, it's almost towering on the edge of alright. Until you find out that the game is as empty as that first level you try. A game such as Super Mario Brothers 3 offered you diversity, visual, thematic, gameplay wise, all throughout. Nope, McDonald Land only manages to recycle the same things, graphics, level elements and music from the very begging to the end. So yeah, it gets old pretty soon, even in spite of the clean 16 bit looking graphics. The emptiness slowly engulfs you and sends you into a small abyss of depression, the kind that a platformer sidescroller should never be allowed to do. But, that's what was to be expected, and that's what we got. You can play it, just to have something to compare Super Mari Brothers to, games where effort and a bit of that monomaniacal Japanese love got trickled down onto them, infusing them with life and with hope!

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