Crystal Caves 3

Action 1991 Dos Apogee Humorous Platformer Puzzle based

Simple yet enticing platformer with a uniquely vintage style

There is something pleasant, visually about a game that doesn't feel the need to take itself too seriously. Crystal Caves 3 is that kind of the game, that can manage with blocky but colorful graphics, that can also put colorful and cartoonish pellets in the mazes for you to collect, and also, a game that keeps things simple. Simplicity can be the hardest to muster, since it can leave a game too bare, so, in simplifying a game, one has to make sure that important elements for the games are not taken out of it, that essential things do survive the cleaning. Crystal Caves 3 does so, as it manages to create relatively intricate mazes with the least of elements, mainly because it had learned its lessons from the other two games before it. It's hard to fault the humor of te game, its straightforwardness and its beautiful construction. It's no brain or reflexes twister, but it's relaxing qualities sure make for a fine game to spend some time with, for a few minutes or for more serious playthroughs.

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