Monster Bash 2

Action 1993 Dos Apogee Platformer Puzzle based

Stupid little platformer, but fun nonetheless!

How would you like to be incarnated as a toddler sporting a red fez and go on a hunt for flies and other critters more or less repugnant? Well, it might sound a little weird, and I assure you, Monster Bash 2 is a weird game. It is not the mechanics that make this one game stand out from the crowd, after all there are so many platformers with the same hop and bop and shoot mechanic, but this one somehow manages to be weird in the type of monsters it pits you against. And then again, why would anyone choose to create such a weird little player character? Well, I guess these questions are less important, the important thing is that this little freeware release was different, for the right or for the unknown reasons, who knows. Also, the adventure itself is quite short, thankfully, so that the simple and rather unimaginative and iterative designs of the levels won't really begin to bug you. Also, the drawing of the platforms and that of other platform elements is crude in a very weird way, adding to the strangeness of the entire game. Who knows, maybe it was all intentional, some sort of rebellion against the cuteness of the Super Mario games? I can't really say for sure, but a thing is clear, Monster Bash 2 is a different kind of simple and unpretentious left to right platformer and it's worth a go.

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