Monster Bash 3

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Apogee Platformer Puzzle based

The chronicles of the squirrel witch!

Monster Bash 3 is a sidescroller very much in the style of DOS freeware platformers. In it you play as a squirrel who also happens to be a part time witch, characteristic which endows her with the ability to fly on top of brooms! Quite dazzling, all this information, isn't it? Heh! Well, here's the deal, this little element that I've just told you about, the ability to soar through the air will kind of obscure you from the fact that the game is by no means a very polished one. And I'm not saying that, as an AAA comparison. Instead, what I'm saying is that even for the freeware scene this is a pretty unremarkable game, one that doesn't aim for a very tight experience. But, truth be told, if you're not in a very criticism prone mood, you're going to have some fun with it, in fact quite a bit of fun, to be quite honest. Going about taking down the baddies, finding keys and powerups and then heading right to the exit has its good amount of fun, and you are really in for a fun experience. Compared to, say, Jill of the Jungle, sure it doesn't really hold as good, but a bad game? Nope, not by a long stretch!

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