Treasures of the Savage Frontier

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Beyond Software Fantasy First person

A playable RPG in a medieval fantasy setting

If you didn't have enough medieval fantasy RPG goodness from the past, gave your time to classics such as Baldurs Gate or the Neverwinter Nights series, and you are looking at the olden games of the genre, then Treasures of the Savage Frontier can fulfill the crave. However don't expect a masterpiece. This is a game with a more or less classic story background: You have to find the evil wizard Vaalgamon who robbed your party and shamed them and in the course of your adventure, maybe save the world form impending doom. Build on the archetypal Gold Box engine the game looks the part. You control your party through the maze like environments, make sure to equip them with the best weapons and scrolls, and also hope that the Dungeons and Dragons dice are in your favor. Unfortunately, this is not the game to have decreased the level of frustration with the interface, and especially with interactions that require exchanges of items from one party member to another. Thus, you might not have the patience to take the adventure to its completion, and neither the story will add additional reasons to do so. Thus, bottom line is, this is a so, so title, but if you haven't exhausted your love for old school Dungeons and Dragons titles, you might find this pleasing enough.

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