Eye of the Beholder 2

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Westwood Fantasy First person

Golden box First person RPG; really well produced

Eye of the Beholder 2 continues the story of the first in the series - Eye of the Beholder, and it updates almost everything; the graphics are tighter, the amount of items, the maps, the 3D worlds, the art direction and the menus, even, work better, are more direct, better fit to assist you in your journey and just more fun, more polished. Therefore, Eye of the Beholder 2 is a cool product, old, indeed, but the VGA standard is definitely a step forward, even for those that have had their share of later 90s games. So, what makes this game even better, is the main quest which is a great classic of RPG, but nonetheless interesting and well written, well formulated. The game always keeps you expecting some revelation, and it has quests that are short and long, thus, always, reward is within reach. So, go ahead and give it a go, but not before you've finished the first in the series, so that you are up to date with the details and know something about some of the characters at least. Then it's a real treat from start to finish, if you like first person Golden Box era RPGs.

Behold a mysterious and Eye-catching game!

Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon is a fantasy role-playing game released in 1991 by Westwood Studios, a high quality company whose first studio was a garage. This game is the sequel of Eye of the Beholder, following the same engine, with a few modifications. At the beginning, you have to choose your player for the journey, from a large selection of characters. The races are: human, elf, dwarf, half elf, gnome, halfling, and the classes of your adventurers are: fighter, ranger, paladin, mage, thief, cleric. Due to the strange events occurred, you have to investigate and destroy the evil within the Temple Darkmoon and its vicinity. The good interface allows you to manage the battles properly and easily. At the bottom of the screen will appear messages, and above it there is a compass. Along with completing quests, you will gain experience, earn gold and different magical items. Some secret areas I had to explore were quite restricted and small, and that's why those tunnels gave me a claustrophobic feeling. You will probably experience that too. The sober atmosphere is maintained by sound effects and the control system is based on a combined use of the mouse and keyboard. Cast spells upon monsters and enemies, and discover mysterious locations by playing Eye of the Beholder II!

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