RPG 1990 Dos silmarils Fantasy First person

First person RPG with nice underground catacombs

Nirvana is a game that will manage to impress you with its graphics, first and foremost. No, it's not because it is a game on the cusp of modernity or anything like that, but because the design of the interior spaces (of which the game is almost entirely made of) is really well done. The game is otherwise a typical first person RPG of the era, with a story focused on mythical creatures and with an overtly used trope of the world saver protagonist. The development team is quite well known for its formulaic RPGs: They developed the Ishar series with which Nirvana shares quite a lot of its traits, but also later games with other types of gameplay balancing such as the Asghan series and the Arabian Nights game. One thing that you'll however love about this game is the neat interior space development. These games, at least for me, managed to quickly disorient me, but, this one, Nirvana (Silmarils, 1990), through the use of smartly tiled environments and design creates spaces that can easily direct you towards where you need to go. Other than that not much is exceptional, but rather working, functional, which can be just enough to keep you playing.

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