Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath

Strategy 2005 Windows 1C Company Alternate History Isometric Simulation

Intriguing but disappointing alternate history strategy

For lovers of alternate-history wargaming, this is an intriguing and satisfying experience that has much to offer the armchair general. It's set in timeline where 1962's Cuban Missile Crisis was actually the start of World War III which erupted in nuclear fashion between East and West. in the aftermath of this most devastating of all wars, nations stand shattered and broken, with new alliances forming and with some countries still standing proud and alone. However, one thing is constant and that is war, with each nation now fighting for control of the last few uncontaminated areas and resources. Players take control of one of several factions and engage in a series of tactical combat missions that mix strategy with action. There is an impressive range of units to play around with and environments are almost completely destructible, lending the game a good sense of scale, but while it offers a broad selection of options, there are a few problems which drag it down somewhat. While the concept is undeniably intriguing and is full of potential, the range of map templates is disappointingly narrow, with only a few to play on. The mix of different game styles is also a bold attempt at trying something different, but doesn't quite work as neither are implemented all that well. Presentation too is lacking in shine and polish with graphics that are dated and an interface that makes the game difficult to learn and difficult to play. This is unfortunate, as there is a good game hiding in there somewhere but it is only likely to be discovered by those with a lot of patience.

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