Etherlords 2

Strategy 2003 Windows 1C Company Fantasy Turn based Isometric Adventure Indie Rpg

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Extremely diverse turn based fantasy strategy

Etherlords 2 packs a large amount of units, spells and beautiful maps in which you are going to wage the most colorful turn based wars ever, rendered in 2004s highest of resolution! As a recipe, Etherlords is the kind of turn based hero based game that the Heroes series brought to our attention. But this one puts a spin on it, making it even more diverse and even more entertaining. So expect role playing, expect turn based tactics on a grid map, expect lots of different encounters and almost unlimited builds for your attack party and hero. Also, the game has that very same Heroes like bit of economics and management that doesn't overpower the main game, instead adding to it. Plus, with large maps, you never know what you will find next, loot wise, or what kind of mix of enemies might come next your way. So, yeah, very engaging, diverse, also focused, and sharing a bit of that trading card philosophy in the turn based encounters, like a digitized Magic the Gathering mix. Try it if you love expansive hero based turn based games, more so if you love a lore full magic/fantasy setting.

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