Global Effect

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Silicon Knights Empire management

Environment based strategy game

Here's a neat interesting twist for the classic genre that is wargaming: what if you could conquer your adversary by making his country unsustainable for human life due to pollution or other highly devastating climate changing shenanigans? Well, this is what Global Effect can do, of course, in its mathematics based, not that visual game world, but, still, a pretty cool idea! So, how do you do that? Well, you won't get to tinker with the natural elements directly, but the game takes the repercussions of, say, nuking a whole country into oblivion into consideration in what geological impact that can have. Thus, while you might end up winning the war, you might also end up with a world unfit for no man, and so, this kind of makes you react and act a bit more responsibly. But then again, having all that power at your finger tips sure is a nice incentive to ACTUALLY TRY IT! So, your neat little world domination game might end up, just out of a whim, into a global devastation game. Oh, the fun, the possibilities! After you destroy the world in Global Effect you might want to try the same in Civilization an overall more well rounded wargame, builder, turn based strategy.

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