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Nice idea but poor execution; cyberpunk racer

The idea behind CyberBykes is a nice one: you can race futuristic bikes though landscapes, city bound and natural ones, in a cyberpunk universe. However, the problem with the game is that the graphics are very ugly, they do a very bad job of showing you where you need to go. Plus, the bike riding, the way you interact with the bike, the way you control it and the way it responds, with no respect for no physical laws, no matter how arcade, makes this almost unplayable. Adding insult to injury, the entire game is delivered in a 3D that was meant to be played via VR goggles, but what that means is that you can't really tell distances apart. Also, the single player campaign is so small it could be said that it's just a few single races, that share little in common, and, the multiplayer is no longer usable since it was built on the IPX protocol. Sure, you could build your own tracks, but as I said, controlling the bikes is very awkward and unappealing. Therefore, I'd much rather recommend you to download Grid Runner, set in a sidescroller cyberpunk universe but at the very least playable and actually fun to interact with.

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