Grid Runner

Sport 1996 Windows Virgin Interactive Futuristic

Tag and capture the flag to save your life!

Aliens seldom are up to any good! In this game for instance, they've captured you and, in order to claim your chance for survival, you have to play a deadly game of tag and/or CTF (capture the flag) so as to claim your chance to live. It's a weird game, a combination of elements that while disparate work great. Also, all these elements are seen from a third person perspective and the areas in which you will play are very futuristic, not quite Tron like but not too far away from that view point. And so, it's a nice game, and later on, along with your running you will also get to do some gunning, which adds to the game proper and makes it very interesting and very special. You will thus face a lot of enemies and you will get the chance to get a lot done in a short time, and thus, with its puzzly nature, it will really be great for prolonged play. Play it and have Tron around, a game with which this one seems to share some ideas and graphic style. Also, really futuristic, a kind of futuristic that looks great and will make you think of how we used to envision alien creatures and future space!

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