Trantor: The Last Storm Trooper

Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Probe Software Platformer

Classic 1980s actioner

This really is a classic 1980s actioner from the Probe stable and saw the involvement of industry legend David Perry, who was behind the likes of Savage, Earthworm Jim and MDK. The game itself is fairly standard action/platformer which was notable at the time of its release for its large and impressively animated sprites, but it remains a highly enjoyable slice of retro fun. Players are thrust into the well-worn boots of the titular stormtrooper, who finds himself alone on a hostile alien planet after his ship is destroyed. Of course, this being a video game, he promptly finds himself under attack from the various creatures which inhabit the planet and responds in the only way he knows how: with gratuitous amounts of violence. Trantor is armed with a flamethrower to help him out, but which requires him to find extra fuel canisters to keep it stocked up. He must also be on the lookout for letters which are dotted around the environments as these re-set the counter that is ticking down and this add a nice element of tension to proceedings, making the game into a desperate race against time. While not exactly blessed with an over-abundance of depth, Trantor is a classic example of the shooter genre. The action comes thick and fast, with a seemingly never ending array of imaginative enemies coming your way and which prove to be immensely satisfying to destroy. The graphics remain impressive, with huge and well animated sprites that move around at a decent pace, while the environments are nicely detailed and suitably atmospheric. If you enjoy shooters like Contra or Metal Slug then this is definitely worth seeking out. Great stuff!

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