Cyberstorm 2: Corporate Wars

Strategy 1998 Windows Sierra On-Line Organized forces Turn based

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A cool cyber strategy game

A good turn based robot games where you have giant robots, options for multi-player, real-time play and customization options. The game also involves a lot of strategy making for which you need to use the options effectively. The customization options are what that makes this game prominent. Normally the typical battles feature 4 to 8 units on one team which means that customizing every unit to its very maximum is more important than devising a good tactics. There are 3 unit types i.e. hovercrafts, mechanics, and tanks and the speed is dependent on the size. Every unit type has different chassis and different weapons hardpoints. The game also provides you the option of tweaking and designing your vehicles and the weapons which are actually of 7 different types. You also have to take good care of your bioderms for which you have to take care of stat settings. It also involves research for selecting weapons, armory, shields and other stuff. The graphics of this strategy game are also very attractive and the game has what it takes to get a good rating from any user. The game is sequel to the fantastic MissionForce: Cyberstorm and has been a good successor.

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