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Lovely, cartoonish real time strategy

Generally, all brands of real time strategy and strategy games of other makes, turnbased, wargames, etc. turn to history or to some serious kind of theme, sort of to entice more mature people. But, as this game demonstrates, this isn't the only game to produce an enticing strategy. You can go full blown the way of cartoon production values and still end up with a game worth its salt. It's so because Skullcaps really manages to create a simple experience, mechanics wise, which kids will understand without requiring them to go out of their way. But, at a closer look, it's not a dumb game. It's got the classic rock paper scissors build, with its attack units, and it packs an economic system which, if simple, is not dumb, is a system that makes sense, one system that you need to think of when you're playing the game. And, the graphics, as lovely as they are, are not dumb enough so you can't differentiate between units. Nope, the game manages to create a world that makes sense, and is easy to interact with. So that, even those that love a serious take on strategy, say something like Command and Conquer will find this game alright. Though, if you're more inclined to like Hogs of War, with its silly pig theme, Skullcaps might be more built to satisfy your particular tastes.

Kinda goofy

Skullcaps tried to head in the same direction as RTS game Settlers and tried to make it look stupid. While it might look stupid, it has some elements that Settlers lacks: whenever you send a civilian into a building, you can actually see what happens inside, which is a nice touch. Other than that, I cannot say much about the gameplay, because it plays exactly like Settlers. The graphics are colorful, yet the character models look silly and I have found the sound to be annoyingly loud.

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