Adventure 1982 Dos Dosbox Sentient Software Science Fiction Futuristic Text based

You are a robot - what do you do?

Cyborg is a sci fi text adventure game in which you are a cyborg with two brain, one of them being human and the other mechanic. You are found alone in the woods and don't have a clue where to go and what to do. Soon, the whole story unfolds and you find out that the fate of many relies on you and you alone.. This piece of work was largely praised by the critic media for its fantastic writing and sense of excitement, as much as that can be achieved in an text adventure games. The game is composed of you reading presented text and write back commands on what to do. Beware, you are in control of a robot, so words in your mind might not corresponds with a robot one's ;) When you interact with a character, you choose answers from a provided list. Pretty simple, all in all. This is no Zork, but is still a pretty solid sci fi adventure game that will appeal to most vintage game lovers with a special liking for robots and other cool sci fi stuff. Recommended!

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