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Whoa, be a black hole miner!

I kind of agree with the current line of thought that the advancements in physics have made the world, the universe, seem less interesting, or rather more limiting. I mean, look at the Sci Fi literature of the 70s and 80s; writers could go absolutely crazy with worlds that had nothing to do with our own rules and our physics and so on. Entire universes made out of crystals, or worlds inside boiling suns and so on, the list of crazy worlds is immense. That kind of literature would seem outdated now, as us, the jaded, more knowledgeable people no longer can stomach such creations knowing what we currently know about the universe. But, sometimes, sinking into a game that is unimpressed by physical fact can be refreshing and this is exactly what Starcross does: it imagines a world where black hole miners exist. Yes, BLACK HOLE MINERS, wrap your head around that, hehehe1 At any rate, the text based adventure takes itself quite seriously in creating this alternate universe, one in which lots of aliens exist, in which black holes are exploitable and so on. It's a potpourri of ideas that today could just not exist, so sharpen your text imputing skills and give this one a go. It's as strange and as outwardly as they got and still had the time and space to take itself seriously. Oh, and if you're not much into it, try a more graphical game, though one just as intensely brilliant with its Sci Fi world, Hacker, a postmodern oldschool bonanza!

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