In Search of the Most Amazing Thing

Adventure 1983 Dos Dosbox Tom Snyder Productions Science Fiction

A complex yet playable hybrid, adventure at its basis

For a game released in 83 to be as diverse gameplay wise as this one, it really makes you wonder! I mean, while today simplification seems to be at the core of all (successful!) games out there, this 83 gem didn't want to be pigeonholed into a corner of simplified gameplay. Nope, expect strategy play, expect all sort of interactions that would not feel strange in a puzzler or adventure game as well as action, you know, arcade style action! Yep, it's a very strange, and yet playable combination of elements, but that in itself is interesting. You're playing on this alien planet and you get to travel to other locations by means of a spaceship, in search of a very unique thing. What that thing is? Well, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, but one thing is sure: the joy of discovery is only half as interesting as the joy of being there and solving issues! Yep, maybe the final revelation will be less interesting, for quite a few people, but the gameplay journey is sure original. From a game released in 83! Man, the world has not changed for the better! Anyway, try also Snoopy Troops 2, adventure at its base, but still very original and diverse.

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