Adventure 1983 Dos Infocom Science Fiction

Worth the difficulty sacrifice; very hard text adventure

Suspended tells a very enticing story, story which I really don't want to give away, not even today, after no less than 31 years after the release of this Infocom title. Yes, the keyword here is Infocom, the creators of text based adventure games, and a team that really knew how to push a player's buttons! In this game here, the difficulty is really insane! Talk about a difficult genre to sink into, and then imagine that above this difficulty level that is of the genre, the developers added their own mix of insanity! But heck, this game sure is worth it, mainly because this title messes about with ideas such as consciousness, transfer of consciousness, robots and mechanoid/android creatures being animated/human like, futuristic computerized systems, and much more. So here's the deal, feel free to use a walkthrough, unless you're the king of text based adventures you're going to need it. If there ever was a game from Infocom that was worth trying this sure is it! Because it's got beautiful writing, a plethora of ideas and Sci Fi themes explored really nicely, and a lot of other additional elements that will get your gears grinding. Brilliant, much more so than, say, Starcross, the other Infocom title with futuristic themes, but harder than any other text based game I've ever played!

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