Anarchy Online

RPG 2001 Windows Bigben Interactive First person Third Person Science Fiction Action Adventure Massively multiplayer Rpg strategy Strategy

Long live the revolution!

Despite having been around for a number of years, Anarchy Online is one of those MMORPGs which still manages to pack in the punters and although it's not the greatest such game in the universe, it's still well worth jumping into if you've got the time and interest in such things. It does suffer from some bugs but that has got better over the years and there's a disconnect between the story and the single-player portion but it still packs in some entertainment. Similar to other games in the genre, this one presents you with a variety of factions which are duking it out for control of a distant planet and its resources, so you'll have to pick a side before leaping into the meat of the game. When creating a character, you get a variety of human types to choose from as well as several professions, and then it's time to move on to the game itself. In many ways this is traditional stuff, with dungeons and quests being randomly generated and which involve the usual elements of slaying and exploring while looking for loot. For the most part, this is still a pretty decent game. It benefits from some well-written and compelling world-building which makes exploring the vast planet of Rubi-ka both fascinating and genuinely exciting. The gameplay is familiar stuff but it's all well executed with at least a few nice ideas along the way. Everything handles well and it's all pretty easy to get into, making it a good choice for noobs. As with any such game, it gets better if you have more time to invest, so if you do, consider checking it out.

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