Dark Earth

Adventure 1997 Windows MicroProse Science Fiction

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Combat oriented adventure within a beautiful but strange land!

It's rare to find a game that can be dark but at the same time cartoonish, sort of have a light hearted approach to a violent world. How does Dark Earth achieve this equilibrated mix? Well, by employing the use of spaces that are both cartoonish but never dumb or uninspired, and characters, both playable as well as NPCs that, while dark and twisted are nevertheless immediately likeable and, well, a bit funny! But, underneath this cute presentation, the game hides very well thought out interactivity mechanics; you will fight, hand to hand and through the use of guns, and you will run and jump as well, so the game is both alert as well as always calculated not to frustrate. I love it also for the high amount of different areas the game packs, overall more than 250, and just as high an NPC number (NPCs with which you will interact, by the way!). Thus, if you love a game where pirates, undead and other characters won't scare you too much, this is it. An adventure as cool as Grim Fandango but more hinged on fighting (and with, well, a lesser story, but one that is still alright!).

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