Azrael' s Tear

Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Science Fiction

Intriguing and complex adventure

This is a first-person RPG adventure with a thoroughly intriguing storyline that mixes challenging puzzles with a well-realised and believable game world, while also throwing in some shooting for good measure. The player takes on the role of a grave robber/archaeologist on a quest for the legendary Holy Grail, but to reveal much more of the plot here would be to spoil much of the game's appeal, as the various mysteries and plot twists will really keep gamers glued to their screens. Further adding to this sense of immersion is the detailed world in which the game is set, with beauty and subtlety to be found at every turn. The artistic design on display here is really top notch, with music and sound further enhancing the eerie atmosphere. Puzzles too are integrated in superb fashion and manage to maintain the story's flow while providing some extra challenge and affecting the world at the same time. The only real problem with the game is its interface, which is clunky and awkward and may put off players unwilling to stick with it. If you can get past this initial frustration though, you will be rewarded with a thrilling, dark and complex tale that is genuinely rewarding.

A cool and underrated game

Azrael's Tear is a fun and original game that has taken a pretty typical plot line and evolved it into something original and interesting. It's a plot about finding the Holy Grail, only in this game you have to find the Holy Grail in the future, 2003 (which, today, is in the past, but still). The Holy Grail is sorely needed to heal mankind that is on the bring of extinction. You are a super cool Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones vs Rambo character and, with guns blazing you are on the quest to save the world. The game is pretty fun, with decent puzzles and great 3D graphics which flow very smoothly and fast. The music is very nice, discreet yet very fitting to the game's mysterious atmosphere. You meet the Knights Guardians of the Holy Grail, some of them helpful and some of them very hostile to you. Among your enemies are also rats, dinosaurs ad many more. If you like games like Tomb Raider and such, this will be a very good addition to your collection. Have fun!

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