Star Quest I in the 27th Century

Action 1996 Windows Dosbox Virtual Adventures Space combat Science Fiction

Not quite Freelancer but it's close

Wing Commander and Freelancer might be two of the best known space slight sims out there, but there are plenty of lesser known but equally enjoyable such games for those who know where to look. The likes of Mantis and Solar Winds 2 are worth checking out, as is this little known Canadian release. In many ways it is highly similar to the aforementioned games but its familiarity doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable slice of sci-fi action. The background to the game is quite complex but basically revolves around the usual genre staples of an aggressive alien race which humanity must battle against in the stars. As the player, you take to the cramped cockpit of your space fighter and engage in various missions to stop the alien menace and which include dogfighting, escort duties and even space races just for the fun of it. There is no campaign mode so these missions are simply carried out as the player wishes, with their completion opening up new upgrades, weapons and further missions. While Star Quest is certainly nothing original, it has been put together well enough to make it worthy of play for genre fans. The graphics are decent enough considering its shareware origins, with some nice ship designs, although the sound is notable for its awful techno soundtrack. The missions themselves are highly varied and add to the appeal while the customisation options are quite extensive and allow the player to tweak the game to suit themselves. If you're looking for an alternative to Elite or the like, then this is a solid and enjoyable bet.

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