Darklight Conflict

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Space combat Science Fiction

A impressive space shooter game

It is an excellent action game of the space world where you will counter some impressive features of space physics with an exciting and complex gameplay. You play as a naval Pilot who has been abducted by Repton Aliens to help them out in their battle against the cunning Oven Race. The Reptons are though technologically advanced but do not have the skills to pilot different fighter crafts. Well the funny side is that you do not have to make them win as the goal is to make it clear that neither of the sides have any clue about war tactics and different piloting skill. This is basically a space shooter game which involves excellent physics model that gives you a real feel of flying some spacecraft in outer space. Debris, explosions have their own inertial effects which impact the environment and your space craft. It features some jaw dropping 3D graphics where you can see some masterly crafted space ships with authentic looks and dazzling glow. The missions are very competitive which is the most exciting thing for action game lovers. Though some of the commands can only be implemented through the keyboard, but still the controls are reasonably good. This game is quite parallel to the amazing and thrilling X-Wing from LucasArts.

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