David Leadbetter's Golf

Sport 1991 Dos Microprose Golf

Seriously addictive sporting sim

Serious golf fans rejoice for here in David Leadbetter's Golf you have a fine, realistic simulator that provides heaps of options and challenge. The endorsement from one of golf's top instructors helps greatly towards making it such a great sim, as the man himself is never far away, offering advice and tips on everything from stance, to club choice and shot taking. In many ways, the game is similar to other such releases like PGA Tour Golf, with a choice of six courses, heaps of playing modes and the usual presentation modes which enhance the appeal by making you feel as if you are in a real tournament. You've got plenty of modes to play around with too, giving you the chance to practice your moves before you head out for the real thing. The control method takes a little getting used to but does a great job of simulating the skills needed to master this complex sport, while the courses themselves are nicely varied and provide a good selection of bunkers, water hazards and the like. If you're in the market for a serious golfing simulator and aren't too fussed about flashy visuals and slick modern tricks, then this makes for a great bet. The graphics are obviously somewhat dated but are solid enough and certainly do their job well enough, while the myriad options will keep you playing around for hours. This is certainly a challenging game and takes a while to master but fortunately, it also proves highly addictive and it is extremely satisfying when you get things just right. It's not going to convert non-golf fans (although Zany Golf might just do that), but for lovers of the sport this is a great retro sim.

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