Links: The Challenge of Golf

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An ok first person golf simulator

The problem with this game is that it doesn't really manage to convey the level of simulation that it runs in the background. Yes, the game keeps track of wind movements but unless you read that in the bar menu, you will not have any idea that your ball will be deviated. Also, graphics wise the 3D world is rendered as you go, you basically see it drawn as you shoot. That means that in terms of immersion you can't really expect too much out of it, though, the faux 3D and the scenery looks ok. Also, your player is a 2D instanced player, most probably photographed and then turned into a couple of bi-dimensional slides that get animated crudely. At any rate, the actual simulation is to be considered from the menu, where you select the acceleration of the ball and the way you shoot it. Not the most immersive way to do it, plus, the voice indications offered manage to be more annoying than helpful. So, really, a later Links game should be a better choice, as the graphics will become better and the controls less mathematical, and with more feel. So, I would advise you skip this one, as it captures only the mathematics of the game, but less so it's feel, it's actual feeling.

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