Links 386 Pro

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OK golf sim, rather short on the graphics

Links 386 Pro is an OK overall type golf sim. You will not run into no problems, you are not going to get any glitches or any problems, but neither are you going to sigh that, yes, you have found the definitive gem of the genre. Graphically, the game sports ok looking 3D environments. They are not full 3D renders, but rather pre-renders that are brought on screen, while calculated off site. This won't bother you either, as the time it takes to load a new screen is not that long. In terms of the physics and control over each shot you get just enough options, to never feel that the balls run too randomly. Wind is also taken in by the equation but, nevertheless, the game doesn't seem to put much emphasis on the type of ground you are playing on, the gold cross or any other such aspect. It is however, well done, overall, and you will not feel like this is an arcade type game, but neither the most exact simulation you have ever experienced. So, play it, if you are looking to uncover some of the rather obscure gems of golf sim, released back in the day, but do not expect anything out of the ordinary, just an ok, overall, game.

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