David Leadbetter's Greens

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox MicroProse Golf

Golf sim that fails to impress, though quite feature full

It's hard to be mad at David Leadbetter's Greens, it sure isn't a game that took the easy road out, or one that was not toiled upon. Quite on the contrary some of its features seem to have been really well toiled upon, and therefore, in a way, you kind of feel sorry for it... The problem is that the competition was brilliant: when it came out it had to wage war against the better know Jack Nicklaus golf which was both a well crafted experience as well as having received the major marketing heads up from the expert jack himself. Thus, David Leadbetter's Greens is a game that is feature full, it has quite a few modes of play, but ultimately it lives in the shadow of the much hyped contender from Jack. Plus, for some reason it's also not as fun or as engaging as the other game, as it lacks the character that Jack's game has. Well, I can't say that it's a bad game, quite on the contrary, it's almost an amazing product, but it just doesn't click as Jack's sim did. But, if you played it in the past, returning to it can be a pleasant trip back through memory lane.

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