Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf

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Classic Golf Sim from jack Nicklaus

Maybe you are not familiar with the Jack Nicklaus series of games but he was involved in bringing forth a series of golf sim games that, at the time, were considered some of the best. This was so for two main reasons: the games featured really well built graphic and physics simulation interfaces as well as the fact that they contained a lot of different playing fields that tested your endurance and your skills in a number of different ways. So, if you wanted a nice game of golf to play on your PC, one such game would have done it for you. Now, within the series, some considered that Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf was not as polished or as well wrapped, and that might have some truth to it, but the game also was the most diverse in content. And, therefore, what it might lack in polish it makes up in playability and replayability. And no, the game does not take a lot to sink in, and you will not have to make too many concessions as the bugs that are in the game are inherent to its size and rarely appear. At any rate, along with PGA Tour Golf, Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf can be a good contender for those periods when you want to play some golf and a good old game will do the trick.

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