Jesus Matchup

Puzzle 1994 Dos Godly Games Education

Pointless exercise in card matching

In what is perhaps one of the most bizarre concepts ever conceived for a video game, Jesus Matchup is a Christian-themed educational game where the goal is pretty much summed up in the title. The educational content is questionable as is the entertainment value unfortunately, thus making this one for curious gamers only, desperate to see what went through the minds of independent game producers back in the 1990s. At its core, the game is extremely simple and as can be predicted, it's a straightforward enough pairs matching exercise, where you simply flip over cards hoping to get a matching set and passing on a turn if you don't. The difference here of course is that the cards are Christian-themed, with numerous tidbits of supposedly educational information praising Jesus and all that is holy, but in reality it makes not one jot of difference to the game itself. A couple of other twists have been thrown in a desperate bid to make this interesting, such as wildcards and cover cards but again, they don't really help matters much. Neither does the fact that the game can be played by up to three players, despite the usual increase in fun which follows from adding in extra gamers. Graphics are obviously pretty basic with a few crude religious images on the cards but with little else to grab the eye. Sound is similarly unimpressive, with just a few rousing church music snippets to be played when you successfully match a pair and basic effects. Overall, if you really need a card matching game, you may as well stay away from this, grab an actual pack of cards and kick it truly old-school.

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