Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox BUG Multisystem Education Math or logic Typing or writing

Professor Avish has been abducted! Help him out!

Mr. Avish is an important university lector, and, after arriving in town, before he has to go and teach his class he went to his hotel for a little bit of quiet time and to sleep. However, in the morning, when he wakes, to his surprise, he finds himself in a different setting than the one that he had expected. At any rate, that is of little import, given that now he has to solve a number of puzzles so as to get back to his own world. And don't you worry, he's going to have to solve a large number of these puzzles before the time is to go back to where he belongs. There are action and platforming minigames, there are even a few more classic puzzles to solve, but all in all, they are all very well produced, and the teacher has a few cool one liners in between his levels, to keep the atmosphere really chill and fun! Graphically, Avish is alright looking, not too deep, just like a 16bit retro game, but it works well with the style of the challenges. Plus, it controls very easily too, and thus you won't have any issues playing the game. A good alternative can be Another World, if you want an adventure on yet another planet, with more action though.

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