Dawn Patrol

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Rowan Software Flight World Wars Military flight

Get ready for some intense dogfights!

While most flight sim games cover the World War 2 (such as the classic flight sim Overlord) this game is centered around WW 1 and gives you command over some of the best and coolest planes from the era in a multitude of awesome air battles against all of the biggest forces during the Great War. Instead of going through a campaign, the game actually serves as a sort of time machine and lets you participate in some of the most famous aerial battles in history and man, will you have a great time. Since the game doesn't rely so much on realism as it does on the action, I would sooner consider this an arcade shooter than a real sim; still, the game is fantastic. You will be behind the commands of some of the most noted air crafts from the era and flying them is really an awesome experience. The graphics of the game are far better than most games from that time frame since you'll see your surroundings and the earth far bellow you in amazing detail while the animation is truly top-notch. The action is high, the gameplay simple enough and the AI is written very well so you'll really have to put some effort to remain in the air and in one piece. There are even some really nice and realistic sound effects that further increase the enjoyment of the game. There is hardly any fault to be find in this game and I think that this gem should be a part of every player's collection.

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