Pharaoh Ascent

Puzzle 1997 Windows Ambertec Reflex oriented

Perfect and diverse arcade puzzle game

It is a reflex orientated arcade style puzzle game which I believe is among the best in this category. Kicking off with the theme, you are dead! Yes you are dead and are on your path to a journey to the land of Osiris where you need to find your place in the after death life. So basically you will see a fantasy world which I have found to be quite well designed. The Egyptian God in the game is your basic enemy here because he has himself defined obstacles and enemies on the way to stop you to reach the Osiris. So you will be solving puzzles and going through obstacles to make your way. It's not just a typical puzzle solving game where you just give you brain an exercise. In fact it also requires you to run, jump and duck through some obstacles and enemies to advance on in levels. The diversity in the game is a result of the 91 rooms which have different puzzles incorporated in them. All the puzzles are unique which makes the game stand out from many in this highly populated genre. The graphics are also perfect with reference to the times and the controls are crisp. Those who have played Deadly Rooms of Death will love it and for those who haven't should try both of them.

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