Manchester United: The Double

Sport 1995 Dos Dosbox Krisalis Soccer

The manegerial aspect is awesome

It is a part of the trilogy which has made a good fan base and this one is probably the best in all the parts. The series started with Manchester United Europe but this game has brought some good variety of new upgrades which have made the gameplay a lot of fun. The first upgrade is that the graphics have been enhanced by incorporating the isometric views which makes playing this sports game a lot more fun. The tacti grid for placing the players in the best manner is still in the game as it has been in the other version. The other upgrades in the game have been in terms of the managerial aspects because you can easily up to date team data and you now have a lot of transfer options. You also have a full team editor which works great. The new view which is isometric has made the gameplay very diverse because now the action in the game is a lot more detailed. The managerial aspect in the game is very much close to Premier Manager but it is not as complex. The controls are very responsive which add even greater flair of fun to the gameplay.

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